Documentation by "Mahmoud =Lotfy"

Pin Taxi

Created: 17 nov 2021
Author: Mahmoud Lotfy - Egypt
Contact: CodeCanyon Profile

Thank you for purchasing the app. If you have any questions that are beyond the scope of this help file, please feel free to message me via my user page contact form here. Thanks so much!

Table of Contents

  • How to Import Web Files?
  • How to Import Database?
  • How to configure .env file?

  • How to Import Web Files?

    Below are the steps to upload backend files to your Server

    1. Click on the "File Manager"
    2. Then Click on the "public_html" folder
    3. Now select "www" which is placed in "public_html"
    4. Open Web code folder from source code which you download from CodeCanyon then you can see compressed
    5. Click on upload button & select web-code file from web code folder
    6. It would be uploaded successfully
    7. go to cpanel again and open terminal and select the project directory then run this commands

      " composer install "

      " npm install "

      " sudo chmod 600 storage/oauth-*.key "

    How to Import & Configure Database?

      1. Open MYSQL Databases for creating & configuring database
      2. Create database & write its name
      3. Create new user for database by writing username & password for database
      4. Copy the credentials like Username & password for later use in .env file
      5. Add the user to required database by selecting database & its user which you want to add
      6. Click "phpMyAdmin" and select your database from list & import the sql file from
        web code folder > db.7z

    How to configure .env file ?

      1. Select File Manager > public_html
      2. Edit .env file & replace with your credentials
      3. Enter your database name and password and database user
      4. Enter your web url
      5. Enter your google map key